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National Health Insurance

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The National Health Insurance (NHI), for which membership will be compulsory, is a funding scheme that aims to address healthcare inequity in South Africa. The scheme will do this by creating a fund that the government will use to buy healthcare services at set fees from accredited public and private health providers. The NHI has not yet been legislated — the health department is hoping to have the NHI Bill approved by parliament by the end of 2022.

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[WATCH] Health Minister Zweli Mkhize talks NHI


Watch the second and final day of the health department and South African Medical Research Council’s dialogue as policymakers, researchers and scientists discuss the way forward for the implementation of the country’s National Health Insurance scheme.

Closing: Health minister Zweli Mkhize

Session 10 (parallel): Reflections on the two days and the way forward

Session 8 (parallel): Leadership and management for universal health coverage (UHC)

Session 7: Achieving high-quality universal health coverage — complexities and contestations


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