Foreign mom’s neglect turns fatal

Nurses and doctors are 'forced' to treat non-residents, but such care is too often perilous.

N Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas pours salt on the wound

Experts say the vast sum spent by Sylvia Lucas on unhealthy food is indicative of a big fat problem.

Birth control hits the spot

Female condoms have sensualised sexual health thanks to the increased tactility of new materials.

Comment: Clinic victory – A shot in the arm for people’s...

If the community stays vigilant, lives will be improved for many years.

Motsoaledi forms task team to probe E Cape health care

The growing health crisis in the E Cape has forced Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to intervene by commissioning a task team to investigate.

Eastern Cape health access ‘made to look like a privilege’

Advocacy groups are due to march to the Eastern Cape's health MEC as part of a campaign against a "crisis" in health care access in the province.

Battle on the horizon over intellectual property policy draft

Some have lauded the draft policy, saying it could make medication cheaper, but others say it is "unimpressive" and "almost contradictory".

Generic cancer drug – access not guaranteed

A generic version of a key cancer drug is now available in South Africa, but at a significantly higher cost than it is available internationally.

E-cigarettes: ‘cancer risk close to zero’

Even though traces of cancer-causing chemicals have been found, the real killer – tobacco – is absent.

Motsoaledi: Why I use government hospitals

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has promised to get state facilities running to the highest standards.