Yay for SA’s child health policies, nay for outcomes

This week holds the opportunity for us to show that we are serious about having a world where no child is born to die.

Free State workers demonstrate over health crisis

The TAC says it fears the arrest of over 50 community healthcare workers after they began a sit-in at the province's health department headquarters.

Prosthetics give the poor a leg up

An NGO is changing lives by giving prosthetic limbs to amputees from rural and poor areas.

Why medical aids are so expensive

Greater collaboration and sharing of information between stakeholders will lead to reductions in costs.

DA reports Free State health dept to SAHRC over ‘gross incompetence’

Free State's health department has been reported to the SA Human Rights Commission over "rights violations" such as food shortages and overcrowding.

Free State’s ‘collapsing’ health dept needs help, stat

The TAC and Section27 say their investigation into the province's health department shows it needs urgent intervention by three state ministries.

TB: A dire struggle to keep up on path of increased...

Less than half of those treated for resistant strains of TB survive. It's just not good enough.

How long do we have to wait for Dr Death to...

The much-anticipated sanctioning of Wouter Basson has still not happened, 13 years later.

Mpumalanga healthcare limps to aid of ailing poor

These stories show how complex health is in Mpumalanga, and how few opportunities there are for disempowered people to change their circumstances.

We need to talk about caving in to nyaope

Ivory Park's Operation Thiba Nyaope provides support for addicts and their affected families.