Free State health dept could face national takeover

While many say the Free State health department's financial situation is dire, officials say "there's no problem at all".

[BEST READ] ‘The people told me they are coming to take...

Where traditional beliefs are more real than textbooks, treating mental illness is a balancing act for sangomas and medical doctors alike.

Bhekisisa scoops awards

Bhekisisa, the Mail & Guardian's health desk, bagged four awards at the Discovery Health Journalism Awards on Wednesday night.

SA’s the fattest sub-Saharan African nation – study

Seven out of 10 women and four out of 10 men in SA have significantly more body fat than what is deemed healthy, shows a groundbreaking new study.

Silent killer: SA men unaware of hypertension

Three out of four SA men with hypertension don't know they have this condition, which is responsible for the deaths of 230 South Africans daily.

Controversial Messina doctor fired by Limpopo health dept

Messina Hospital doctor Allick Msebe Dube has been dismissed following complaints from staff, patients and humanitarian organisations.

Exhausted doctors endanger health

Medical interns are leading the battle to reduce the dangerously overlong working hours that compromise the safety of patients.

House rules for dealing with lupus

With proper medication, healthy living and a positive outlook, patients can lead good lives.

PrePex could cut down on botched circumcision deaths

A non-surgical circumcision tool could provide a way for initiation schools to eliminate initiate deaths from traditional circumcision complications.

Contraceptives: South Africans are still out of the loop

Human error and scant access to preventative measures continue to cause unintended pregnancies, many of which lead to abortion.