NHI: Let’s talk about this revolution

Minister, please sit down with the private health sector before the NHI has us paying more but getting less, writes Dr Chris Archer.

Sick miners are ‘left with nothing’

Miners with silicosis and TB are entitled to a small payout, but don't claim because they are kept in the dark about their rights.

Comment: Rape, murder and indifference

The government must stop paying mere lip service to rooting out gender-based violence.

Help’s at hand for connected moms

Simple phone services are stepping in to help women who can't seek clinical advice in person.

Dr Harry Surtie Hospital: Double-edged sword of technology

If the new Dr Harry Surtie Hospital has all the latest tech, why are patients complaining?

Crack team to probe private health costs

Practitioners in the private heatlthcare industry have welcomed the Competition Commission panel members who will lead the inquiry into the sector.

Comment: 100-million young lives saved by aid

Aid may often be criticised, but it works, says the Gates Foundation.

Private sector lags in HIV testing

Government facilities are trumping their larnier colleagues in providing HIV services.

Meditation takes on medication

New research has shown that the 'practice of mindfulness meditation' can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Operation by cellphone light: Bara bosses blamed

Poor management at Bara hospital left doctors with no choice but to operate on a patient using only the light from cellphones and iPads, says Sama.