Report suggests ARV and TB drug supply woes a ‘national crisis’

At least in one in every five public health facilities in the country has run out of HIV and/or TB drugs in the last two months, says a report.

Why did he do those terrible things?

Families of Wouter Basson's victims want the contraversial doctor to ask for their forgiveness.

Dr Death close to patients’ hearts

Wouter Basson, one of SA's controversial apartheid-era figures, may be banned from practising medicine, but cardiology would suffer, say patients.

Placenta pizza: Is it really a healthy dish?

Following a radio chat where the perceived health benefits of eating human placenta were discussed, Melissa Meyer delves into the squeamish practise.

The boy who lifts Hobeni’s spirits

Sihle Batiya's luckier than most – but the odds are stacked against kids with Down's syndrome in the Eastern Cape.

Melinda Gates on what’s best for children

Family planning is not a luxury to everyone. Melinda Gates talks about why she has dedicated so much of her time to helping women plan their families.

Basson to learn his fate next month

The HPCSA will rule on Wouter Basson's fate on December 18 after a five-year long inquiry into his actions during apartheid.

Zaps to the brain curb need to smoke

A study shows that 44% of heavy smokers kicked the habit after receiving magnetic stimulation.

Touch-and-go breast tech is no substitute for mammograms

SureTouch does not claim to be a substitute for proper breast cancer screening, but patients are being misled.

Comment: Breast may be best, but bribing mothers to nurse is...

There are many advantages to breastfeeding but should mothers be bribed to do it?