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Tricky topic: Thami Mayo is a parent of a girl at Gonyane Primary School who told the M&G about the difficulties of discussing sex with his young child.

It’s no breeze to explain birds ‘n bees

The HPV vaccine roll-out is prompting parents to rethink how they talk to children about sex.
Under Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi

From critical condition to stable

The nation's healthcare system reflects the actions of the ministers responsible for it over the years.
Ash crunch: Radio presenter Muntu Mbanjwa has been smoking for nearly 30 years. So far he cannot kick the habit

DIY remedies to give up smoking

Half of all SA smokers tried to quit last year –and failed. How can we raise the success rate?
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has launched an HPV vaccine programme for grade four girls in all government schools.

Motsoaledi launches free HPV vaccine for schoolgirls

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has launched an HPV vaccine programme for grade four girls in all government schools.
Activists continue to fight to lower the price of drug patents.

Patients before patents, demand health activists

The intellectual property policy, which will allow access to cheaper drugs, has yet to be finalised while patients are dying, say health activists.
We feature three HIV positive women in their 40s who fit the profile of a typical M&G reader.

HIV: Not one of us can say, ‘never me, never mine’

We feature four HIV positive women in their 40s who fit the profile of a typical M&G reader.
Jeremy Acton is prepared to go to prison for using dagga. His party intends to pressure the state to legalise it.

Is SA ready to turn over a new leaf?

Cannabis may well have beneficial properties, but experts warn that smoking it is still bad for your health.
Grateful recipient: Pervaiz Khan

Transplants, tragedy and the true kindness of strangers

Organ donations are rare in SA: donors and the specialists needed to do transplants are few. But awareness increases as more lives are being saved.
Some genetically engineered tomatoes contain high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin

The jury is out on antioxidants

These "cancer-fighting" molecules may not be the good guys we have been led to believe.
Cape Town photographer

Mo Bros face the figures – and it’s going to be a close shave

Will local facial hair campaigners be able to raise more than last year's R7-million for men's health issues?
Mammography is still the gold standard of breast screening.

Mammograms still the gold standard of breast screening

Breast cancer expert, Justus Apffelstaedt, explains the complexities around the issue of screening for this disease.
Keeping abreast: The SureTouch clinical breast examination machine is marketed as an alternative to a mammogram.

Touch-and-go breast tech is no substitute for mammograms

SureTouch does not claim to be a substitute for proper breast cancer screening, but patients are being misled.
A voucher-based initiative to get women to nurse their babies is causing a stir

Breast may be best, but bribing mothers to nurse is not

There are many advantages to breastfeeding but should mothers be bribed to do it?
Costly exercise: When Rio de Janeiro celebrated World Aids Day in 2007 it was with the knowledge that patent laws had driven up the cost of Brazil's Aids programme.

Brazil’s sick of patent exploitation

The country is fighting the intellectual property laws that hiked up the cost of its HIV programme.
Rooibos tea's lack of caffeine improves its health benefits.

Green rooibos takes fight to diabetes

An antioxidant found in tea brewed from the indigenous plant offers hope for new treatments.
Phindile Sithole-Spong says that while being HIV positive is hard because of the stigmas surrounding the disease

‘I still have sex, even with HIV’

Two young people speak out about life, and love, and the very real risk of rejection.