Is one better than none? Why SA’s teens are only getting...

South Africa has enough unused doses of Pfizer vaccines to immunise half of the country’s 6.5-million children aged 12 to 17. This means matriculants will be protected as they sit their final school exams. But they’ll only be getting one dose of the two-shot vaccine.

Fast four: Your questions about COVID jabs & pregnancy answered

Pregnant people are more likely to fall very ill with COVID-19 than those who are not pregnant. This is why experts recommend pregnant people get vaccinated. We answer four questions about how the jabs work during and after pregnancy.

Booster basics – Health workers will get boosters from 8...

As South Africa considers booster vaccines for some, the United States medicines regulator has approved the “mix and match” use of COVID vaccines. Data shows those who got Johnson & Johnson to begin with are better off with a Pfizer or Moderna jab in round two.

Bundle of jitters: How these community health workers are helping moms...

Pregnancy can be a time of joy - and sadness. Many pregnant women and mothers of infants in lower-income communities acknowledge feeling depressed during this time. Here’s how community health workers helped alleviate this.

A confusing COVID caseload: Why Africa’s missing numbers show a different...

African countries are still struggling for COVID-19 vaccines. One reason for this is the misconception that the continent wasn’t hard-hit by the pandemic. But the numbers tell a different story.

The verdict is in — and Sputnik V is out

Sputnik V manufacturers could not produce any data to show that the vaccine is safe to use in a country with a high HIV infection rate.

From COVID vaccine hoarders to donors: Why rich countries shouldn’t just...

Rich countries have an excess supply of COVID-19 vaccines. Now they’re either dumping or donating these close to expiring doses. But it takes a lot more to address the issues of vaccine inequity and the supply shortfall in poorer countries.

SA teens, you’re up for a vaccine, without your parents’ permission

People between the ages of 12 and 17 will be able to register from 20 October. This group will only be given one dose of the Pfizer vaccine to decrease their chances of developing heart inflammation.

[VIDEO] Introduction to immunisation – lessons from rural South Africa

One in three South Africans live in remote, rural areas. This means it’s crucial to reach such areas with COVID vaccines. Here are five solutions from the provinces leading the immunisation race.

Not enough to cover the basics: Why the COVID-19 relief grant...

Millions of South Africans in their 20s have applied for the COVID-19 relief grant. But at R350 a month, this is not enough to cover a person’s basic food requirements — and is an indicator of the increasing dependency of young adults on grants.