No child’s play: Will social distancing work on playgrounds?

Children can return to nursery schools, but they’ll have to stay far apart and there won’t be any outings

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President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the nation about the country’s ongoing measures to manage the spread of the coronavirus through the implementation of a risk-adjusted strategy.

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Bhekisisa asked 29 doctors and nurses about their fears, access to protective gear and whether they’ve been tested for COVID-19

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Experts fear the COVID-19 pandemic may set gender equality back decades. Here, seven women explain the struggles it has brought and...

The unbearable loneliness of COVID-19

There are no visiting hours for COVID-19 patients. Instead, there’s anxiety, fear, stigma and potential grief. But there’s also — at least some — resilience.

Can you be forced to quarantine in a state facility?

There’s a difference between quarantine and isolation — but in both cases, you can’t refuse to comply with the regulations.

COVID EVICTIONS: ‘We’re humans, not pigs’

When a naked Bulelani Qolani was dragged out of his Khayelitsha shack in June, it wasn’t the first eviction residents like him experienced — and it won’t be the last. But where must they go?

Q&A: State patients in private hospitals — what’s the deal?

Government hospitals are likely to run out of beds before the end of July. The health department is in the process of signing deals with the private healthcare sector for additional beds at set prices. But how does this work in practise? We’ve asked Nicholas Crisp, one of the health department’s chief negotiators.

South Africa has thousands of potential COVID-19 quarantine hotels. But they’re...

Gauteng — the province with the most confirmed COVID-19 cases — is also one of the two provinces with the lowest uptake of quarantine facilities.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses South Africa as the country's active coronavirus disease cases surge past 130 000.