COVID lessons for South Africa’s National Health Insurance

What implementation lessons can we transfer from the country’s COVID vaccine roll-out to universal access to healthcare? We put these questions to our panel...

[WATCH] What are breakthrough infections?

There is a small chance you can get COVID after being vaccinated. But you should still get the jab. We break down the what, why and how of COVID-19 breakthrough infections.

Shoppers, shuttles & schools: How SA plans to ramp up COVID...

The health department is working to bring COVID-19 vaccines closer to where everyday people spend their time (malls, businesses, schools) in an effort to meet lagging immunisation targets. Bhekisisa spoke to the health department’s Nicholas Crisp on Health Hub on Newzroom Afrika.

Health Hub | Making COVID-19 vaccines in South Africa more accessible

The second instalment of the Health Hub on Newzroom Afrika focuses on access to vaccines. Now that all adults in South Africa are allowed to get vaccinated against COVID-19, how does the department of health plan on making it easier for adults to get vaccinated?

A hamburger recipe, vaccine science edition

What goes into the scientific hamburger of a COVID vaccine? A lot of trust.

The role of regulators — Why South Africa hasn’t approved Sputnik...

Russia’s Sputnik V COVID vaccine has yet to be approved by any stringent regulators. Part of the problem: the manufacturer’s reluctance to share information about the jab. Here’s what it takes for a vaccine to make it through regulatory bodies and how Sputnik got around the process in some countries.

Why science & research can be hard to swallow: The giant...

The scientific process is like a hamburger. By examining the quality of each ingredient, you can see how good the end product is. You wouldn’t want mouldy bread or wilted lettuce ruining a perfectly good meal — and similarly you don’t want bad science ruining what could otherwise be a perfectly good vaccine. We look at whether Sputnik V could make it onto the menu.

How fast is too fast? In the driver’s seat with the...

Checkpoints in the scientific system are put in place to ensure that research can be sped up in a safe way. But during the COVID pandemic, the accelerated timeline to push research out in an effort to help has exposed gaps in the process that allow bad science to slip through.

How not to run a vaccine clinical trial – The Sputnik...

Russia’s COVID vaccine, Sputnik V, is plagued by a series of red flags and question marks surrounding its clinical trials and results. Here’s how the jab took a shortcut and created sceptics about its underlying science.

Health Hub | Anthony Fauci answers 18 COVID questions for Health...

Bhekisisa's editor-in-chief, Mia Malan, speaks to US infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, about the COVID-19 pandemic and what lessons South Africa can learn from how the pandemic has played out in the United States. In this wide-ranging conversation, they discuss global vaccine inequality, the future of international travel and how hesitant people can be encouraged to get vaccinated.