Safe, not seedy: How sex work changed after two decades of...

In South Africa, 70% of female sex workers in a countrywide survey conducted in 2019 said they’d experienced violence from clients in the previous year. Find out how things change when sex work isn’t illegal from workers in New Zealand.

#BhekisisaDiaries: What vasectomy research says about sex, myths and manhood

There are two birth control options for men in South Africa – condoms and vasectomies. Men have a good grip of how condoms work but less so when it comes to the 15-minute snip. Stigma, myths and misconceptions are all part of what our reporter Mohale Moloi hopes to challenge with his reproductive health reporting.

[WATCH] ‘I’m not a dog, I’ve got my rights’: These sex...

South Africa’s justice department is reviewing submissions from activists, academics and civil society on an amendment Bill that, if approved, will mean sex work is no longer a crime. But will the police stop harassing sex workers if it is passed?

Why SA supermarkets should slash the price of these 10 foods...

The food industry will get a tax break to ease the effects of loadshedding on the cost of groceries. But there’s more that the industry can do to keep a basic basket of foods affordable, writes the head of the DG Murray Trust, David Harrison.

#SliceofLife: I uncovered a child sex trafficking ring in my grade...

When a primary school teacher in the Western Cape suspected that one of her pupils was being sexually abused, she did everything she could to help. Here’s what happened next.

Job rights, better healthcare and taxes: What life could look like...

The justice department is currently reviewing comments from activists, academics and civil society on a proposed new law to decriminalise sex work. They will then ask the cabinet to take it to parliament before it can become law. Mia Malan interviews Deputy Justice Minister, John Jeffery, and United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health, Tlaleng Mofokeng, about what's next for sex workers.

Bloody politics: Meet the politician who plans to end period poverty

Gloria Orwoba, a Kenyan politician, is on a mission to end period poverty in that country, where government statistics show over half of women cannot afford products such as pads. Orwoba is pushing for them to get free sanitary products.

#TeamBhekisisa: Corn cakes & lead poisoning: Spend a day with reporter...

How does Jesse Copelyn decide on the topics of his articles? Find out here.

#Budget2023: Peer inside the health sector’s purse

There will be no increase in the tax on sugary drinks until 2025, the Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced during his budget speech on Wednesday.

#SliceOfLife: ‘Let’s pray you’ll be okay. My escape from a backyard...

South Africa plans to roll out treatment for opioid addiction to all government health facilities by 2028, according to a draft of the country’s sixth HIV action plan. Read one person’s story of recovery here.