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You can't treat what you can't count: No one knows how many people inject drugs in east and southern Africa.

Southern Africa’s missing drug users: We can’t treat what we don’t count

No one really knows how many people inject drugs in east and southern Africa and that's a bigger problem than you think.
Doctors and nurses were held at gunpoint to stop giving patients treatment.

What to do about South Africa’s unemployed doctors

It’s official. Austerity budgets may be here to stay. Here’s how South Africa should be working with what it’s got to provide healthcare.

‘An African man like me depressed?’ Why representation matters in the movies

The continent’s largest film industry has been getting mental health all wrong with dangerous consequences. Now, that’s changing.
With less than 2 000 actually functioning

Graphic of the day: Where are South Africa’s ambulances?

Think that emergency care is just a call away? You might want to think again.
Give a young woman as little as R100 a month and what does it buy her? School supplies

Could R100 a month be enough to keep South Africa’s young women HIV free?

In a world hemmed in by patriarchy and poverty, cash transfers could be the missing link in SA’s HIV prevention programmes.
From paper to provinces: Find out how far South African provinces have come in implementing the country's national HIV and TB plan.

WATCH: How far is South Africa in the fight against HIV and TB? Find...

South Africa boasts the world’s largest HIV treatment programme but are provinces ready to take the lead?
South African surgeons have successfully transplanted a liver from an HIV-positive mother to her HIV-negative child.

South Africa makes history: an HIV-positive mom donates her liver

This mother asked doctors to allow her to save her child. Read how she did it.
South Africa's Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi played a leading role in convening government heads at a United Nations meeting this week.

How South Africa convinced the world to take TB seriously

Heads of state discussed one of the world's biggest killers in New York this week — and it was Aaron Motsoaledi who got them together.
The strategy marks the first time that provinces have been tasked with developing and implementing parallel local HIV and TB plans.

Read South Africa’s national HIV and TB plan 2017-2022

The strategy aims to, for instance, slash new HIV infections by more than 60%.
Traditional cigarettes and their electronic counterparts face stiff regulation in the Bill

Read: South Africa’s controversial #TobaccoBill

South Africa could become one of a growing number of countries that require plain packaging for cigarettes.
An NGO in the Eastern Cape allegedly tested primary school students for HIV without parents' consent and revealed two students' statuses in front of classmates.

Are provinces ready to take the wheel of South Africa’s HIV response?

It’s been a steep learning curve for districts that sometimes don’t have the know-how — or the data — to write and track local plans.
The strategy marks the first time that provinces have been tasked with developing and implementing parallel local HIV and TB plans.

Read: The preliminary findings of South Africa’s latest HIV household survey

More than four-million people in the country are now on antiretroviral treatment.
Two decades and three South African Human Rights Commission investigations later

Does South Africa need a Human Rights Commission?

History repeats as old health emergencies emerge anew. Is the health ombud the person to lead fights the Human Rights Commission started?
Can you guess how many provinces in South Africa have zero radiation oncologists?

Cancer Crisis: Where are South Africa’s radiation oncologists? Find out

Everyone knows about KZN's cancer crisis but no one is talking about the other provinces that operate on just one radiation oncologist — or less.
The new guide includes sections on data

Abortion in South Africa: A reporting guide for journalists

Bhekisisa's new manual provides handy information on abortion data in South Africa, how procedures work and what the law says.
Gasping for air: How this African innovation is helping the tiniest patients breathe a little easier.

Local is lekker: This African innovation could save hundreds of babies each year

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children die gasping for air. This could help to change that.