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Think mental illness doesn’t affect healthcare workers? Think again.

‘We are forced to move on from declaring babies dead as if nothing happens’

Saving lives — and losing them — may be all in a day's work for health workers, but if you think it doesn't take its toll, listen to these doctors.
What happened when these two men stopped taking their medicine for TB? They were arrested and thrown into police cells.

Why people failing to take their TB treatment should not be jailed

It's World TB Day. Here's why human rights and TB responses go hand in hand.
In East and Southern Africa

Meeting men halfway: Clinics are going mobile to reach the toughest patients

For decades, we’ve struggled to solve the riddle: How do you get reluctant men to test for HIV. Could we finally have an answer?
How to test for HIV at home

‘I would buy the HIV home test because it’s easier than being disrespected by...

South Africa is one of about three dozen countries that supports HIV self-testing, but will it catch on? Here's what people who live here had to say.

Is DIY HIV testing the latest Cape Town trend?

It starts with a swab but does it end with a diagnosis? Why the trickiest part of DIY HIV testing happens after the test.
A girl living with albinism has her eyes tested. A new regional plan by the African Commission on Human and People's Rights calls for the affordable provision of eye care and sunscreen to people living with the condition.

Waiting to disappear: The danger of being too pale

Ikponwosa Ero went from a child who felt different to the United Nations’ first independent expert on albinism.

Health or human rights? False dichotomy could fuel a resurgence in forced HIV testing

More than three decades ago, HIV activists fought against mandatory testing. Now an old battle is finding new life.
Decriminalising sex work could prevent between a third and almost half of all new HIV infections globally in the next 10 years among workers and clients.

I’m a nurse and this is why SA should decriminalise sex work

Why would humanitarian workers support the call to decriminalize sex work? Sometimes bombs, floods aren't the only threats to our patients.
What would the perfect DIY HIV test look like? Not like this

The future of take-away? I’ll take a large pizza – and an HIV test...

Home is where the heart is, they say – it could also be the future of HIV testing.
Ask a different question and you may get a different answer: New research finds that the way in which you ask about disability may determine national statistics

Service delivery starts with data. See who’s been missing from the spreadsheets

Without accurate data, maginalised groups risk being left behind - again.
Clinical associates such as Arthur Setlhapelo can do basic procedures

Dozens of health workers still unemployed as departments scramble for posts

Much is made of alleged shortages in doctors’ posts but clinical associates rarely gets a mention, says professional association.
Is it dangerous to test yourself for HIV?video

Is it dangerous to test yourself for HIV?

Two years of HIV self-testing in Malawi have shown no cases of suicide, intimate partner violence or self-harm.
South Africa has the world's biggest HIV response

Could do-it-yourself HIV testing take off in SA?

The World Health Organisation hopes take-home tests will increase the number of the people who know their HIV status
After a fake news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision went viral

Fake news alert: Medical male circumcision not linked to penile cancer

Africa Check debunks a bogus news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision after Bhekisisa sounds the alarm.
Malawi's women suffer in silence as the country continues to outlaw abortions but change may be on the horizon.

Will rape survivors finally be able to have legal abortions?

Unsafe terminations in Malawi may be curbed after a new law is enacted, but it’s just the first step

People living with disabilities forced into marriage and sexual violence

A new report uncovers the sad stories of Tanzanians with albinism and disabilities.