#SliceOfLife: I survived the most deadly type of TB, but it...

Goodman Makanda survived the most drug-resistant form of tuberculosis that scientists know of, but he lost a lung to the disease in the process. Now, he says he would “rather die” than take handfuls of TB medicine again.

#TeamBhekisisa | Meet Bhekisisa’s most camera-shy team member

Spend a day with Dylan Bush, Bhekisisa’s production and multimedia manager, and see what it takes to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

[WATCH] The anatomy of a tackle: How changing rugby laws could...

With plans to lower the tackle height in rugby around the world, why is the governing body for rugby considering it? Put simply, the lower the height, the lower the risk of head injury. Watch for more.

‘She can’t discern jam from Vaseline’: Advice for the children of...

In South Africa, a gene test that will tell you if you’re at risk for Alzheimer’s disease costs R3 600. But major organisations warn people against using these home kits without also getting counselling to help them work through the results — regardless of the outcome.

Why the cruel treatment of obese people is one of the...

The stigma that obese and overweight people face is similar to that seen in the early days of the HIV epidemic, when people used to say that it was someone’s own fault for getting infected, says Francois Venter, an HIV doctor and director of the Ezintsha research centre at the University of the Witwatersrand.

‘The world’s most neglected disease’: Why leprosy still runs rampant amongst...

The WHO may have declared leprosy eliminated in 1998, but Bangladeshi tea pickers continue to be infected by the thousands.

Three health ministers in a row have failed SA’s nurses. Here’s...

The health department got close to updating nurse prescribing rules in 2011, but didn’t follow through. Real change will have to happen soon since South Africa’s new HIV and TB strategy document says professional nurses have to help to prescribe antidepressants for 250 000 people by 2028.

#TeamBhekisisa | Science made simple: Here’s what content editor Linda Pretorius...

Through asking critical questions, our content editor, Linda Pretorius, works with our reporters and writers to interpret study results and unpack them in easy-to-understand language. She loves putting science into easy words, and helping policymakers, researchers and reporters to do the same. Here’s how she works.

Here’s what happens when healthcare becomes a weapon of war

Healthworkers are being attacked by Myanmar’s military — observers say it’s a tactic of war.

Is a bigger cholera outbreak coming for Gauteng’s townships?

Public health experts worry that a cholera outbreak could be brewing in large townships like Diepsloot and Alexandra, where sewage runs through streets and rivers.