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The same number of South African boys and girls start school

Bring back the lost girls

This country must find ways to keep girls in school and educate them about HIV prevention.
People living with HIV are mostly scrupulous about getting check-ups.

Harsh price of HIV-linked longevity

HIV+ people on ARVs are now living longer lifespans. But the virus's associated diseases could put an unbearable strain on the health system.
Individual healthcare centres are forced to charge fees

Patient fees cripple Zim’s healthcare

Skewed state funding has left many centres dependent on fees that patients can't afford, writes Mara Kardas-Nelson.
Eastern Cape royals are campaigning to use medical circumcision in traditional rituals.

Medical back-up in Pondo initiation

Eastern Cape royals are campaigning to use medical circumcision in traditional rituals.
Phindile Sithole-Spong says that while being HIV positive is hard because of the stigmas surrounding the disease

‘I still have sex, even with HIV’

Two young people speak out about life, and love, and the very real risk of rejection.
South Africa's Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi played a leading role in convening government heads at a United Nations meeting this week.

Motsoaledi orders Eastern Cape to start over

Hospitals and clinics are to be demolished and rebuilt to reboot the Eastern Cape's "broken" health system.
Eastern Cape health MEC Sicelo Gqobana.

Eastern Cape health access ‘made to look like a privilege’

Advocacy groups are due to march to the Eastern Cape's health MEC as part of a campaign against a "crisis" in health care access in the province.
Health: Heterosexual males have less chance of contracting HIV after circumcision.

Child’s death scares off patients

Work on HIV prevention may be undone after a boy died after a medical circumcision procedure.
Researchers warn that the scale up of medical male circumcision should go hand in hand with a plan to maintain quality.

Circumcision: Child’s death scares off patients

Work on HIV prevention may be undone after a boy has died after a medical circumcision procedure.
South African patients qualify for HIV treatment if their CD4 count – a measure of a person’s immunity – is 350 or lower.

SA could turn dread into capital

HIV diplomacy can be used to help the country become a better, more influential global citizen.
Overwhelmed: Many teens who have babies don't finish school

Stuck in a destructive cycle of poverty and teen pregnancy

To understand Mpumalanga's teen pregnancies, look closely at the much older men calling the shots.
In studies

There’s a new HIV drug – but Africa will have to wait

A new drug, Tivicay, that could be vital in the struggle against HIV, might not be available to those who need it the most.
Indistinguishable from one another

Circumcision: Clear-cut rites shape stronger men

The best traditional initiation schools uphold cultural values, but rely on good management and high standards.
Hezekiel Nyoni hails a taxi to make the 70km trek to Barberton to get treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

TB strain: Resistance is fertile

SA's strategy to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is noble, but cracks are showing.
Added stress: many patients with multidrug-resistant TB have to travel long distances to hospitals to get their medicine because Mpumalanga does not provide it at local clinics.

Mpumalanga loses ground in war on HIV

The province has fallen far behind in the drive to deliver key infrastructure essential for treatment.
Outdated discourse of treatment versus prevention ... obscures elementary points for which we currently lack a common language.

Common sense needed in HIV fight

A recent international Aids conference lacked input from those living with the HI virus.