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Lives at risk: Police arrested six people in Johannesburg last week for running an illegal abortion clinic.

Obstacles persist for safe, legal termination

The World Health Organisation estimates that one in five pregnancies globally end in induced abortion.
Bloody business: Aborted foetuses at an illegal abortion clinic in Jo'burg.

Abortion turns into a nightmare

Personal beliefs sometimes collide with healthcare providers’ professional responsibilities.

Emergency: Stigma and neglect conspire against SA women

Healthworker hostility and a lack of information are denying women access to emergency contraception, locking them into an unintended fate.
About half the country’s population is younger than 15.

Contraceptives: South Africans are still out of the loop

Human error and scant access to preventative measures continue to cause unintended pregnancies, many of which lead to abortion.
Under Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi

From critical condition to stable

The nation's healthcare system reflects the actions of the ministers responsible for it over the years.
Digitial umbilical cord: More women are using their cellphones to get health updates on their pregnancy via Mxit Reach.

Help is at hand for connected moms

Simple phone services are stepping in to help women who can't seek clinical advice in person.
In 2011

ARVs alone won’t save HIV infected mothers

Access to ARVs is improving, but poor attitudes to patients are aggravating maternal mortality rates.