Southern Africa

This is what it's like being a sex worker: 'Police dragged me out in public naked'

Dylan Bush

Go inside one of the country's most dangerous jobs.

The tobacco industry says vaping is 95% safer than smoking. The truth is less clear.

Joan van Dyk

When the vapour dissipates – what do we really know about e-cigarettes?

This kills more than 700 of us each day. Now, the UN wants to do something about it.

Yogan Pillay

In a historic first, the UN just held a high-level meeting on TB. There was one on lifestyle diseases too. But did these sittings achieve anything?

People are still being shackled and tortured for living with this disease

Roxy de Villiers

The Life Esidimeni tragedy makes headlines again in a new global report.

What you need to know about SA’s historic liver transplant from an HIV-positive donor

Bhekisisa team

How could a baby get an organ from a person living with HIV and not automatically contract the virus? The experts weigh in.

South Africa makes history: an HIV-positive mom donates her liver

Joan van Dyk

This mother asked doctors to allow her to save her child. Read how she did it.

WATCH: SA conducts first ever transplant from HIV-positive mom to HIV-negative child

Bhekisisa team

Watch live as the University of the Witwatersrand announces this groundbreaking liver transplant.

Is this the Bill the alcohol industry doesn't want you to see?

Michelle du Toit

South Africa is one of the hardest drinking countries in the world, but legislation to stop it been under wraps for over five years.

'I opened her up and found her womb was rotten from the infection'

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Obstetrician Eddie Mhlanga often had to attend to women who had unsafe abortions during apartheid, when abortion was illegal in South Africa.

Showdown: SA takes on the US for cheaper drugs

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

When the US went to bat for Big Pharma in the fight against this killer disease, South Africa wasn’t having any of it. Here’s what happened next.

Ramaphosa: Put patients before profits as SA backs new UN declaration

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Follow Bhekisisa's live blog from New York this as heads of state including Cyril Ramaphosa sign the world's first UN declaration on TB today.

How South Africa convinced the world to take TB seriously

Aaron Motsoaledi

Heads of state discussed one of the world's biggest killers in New York this week — and it was Aaron Motsoaledi who got them together.

What to expect from the world’s first high-level UN meeting on TB

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Ramaphosa and Motsoaledi are expected to draw high praise at a UN meeting this week. Find out why.

Pregnant? Need an abortion? Here’s where not to go

Pontsho Pilane

Are faith-based NGOs breaking the law when they refuse to give women information on where to terminate their pregnancies?

Show us the data: Bhekisisa responds to #BigTobacco

Bhekisisa Reporters

Dear Tisa, you have a point but we’ve got a reason to be wary.

Menstruation by any other name: The more than 5000 ways we say 'period'

Roxy de Villiers

Know what The Hunt for Red October is? We’re not talking about the Sean Connery movie, we’re talking about your period.

Watch this man’s amazing transformation after he kicked heroin with the help of this

Dylan Bush

When people with diabetes inject insulin, we don't see that as an addiction. So why is opioid substitution therapy considered one?

'I thought drug users just made bad choices. Then this happened'

Until two years ago, it was Sibonelo Gumede’s job to help developers get rid of people who used drugs in neighbourhoods. Then his life changed.

See what the world's largest HIV programme is planning

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Our Laura Lopez Gonzalez takes you inside SA's national HIV and TB plan in just two minutes.

Dying of the light: How Soweto lost its only hospice

Joan van Dyk

Hospice isn't just a place to die but funding cuts – and that perception – could be killing our chances of a kinder death as refuges close

Did Big Tobacco buy Twitter?

Joan van Dyk

There's more to the data — and social media — backing the latest tobacco-funded ad campaign.

#FreeToBleed: 'A pool of blood gushed down my thighs. My white socks were red.'

Pontsho Pilane

Shame doesn't start when menstruation begins. It is built in slow steps.

Almost three out of four specialist medical posts are vacant in this province

Nelisiwe Msomi

And about half of its ambulances are standing idle.

When it comes to vaccines, there really is safety in numbers. Here's why

Keith Klugman

Turns out it takes a village to raise a child but also to protect them.

No evidence of ‘fake food’, but tap water is sold as spring water, Motsoaledi says

Bhekisisa team

But inspectors uncover counterfeit bottled water and spices.

How US scientists thought your period was poisonous

Anna Dahlqvist

Anna Dahlqvist reflects on a short history of a messy 'problem', or how the world taught you to fear your period.

This slashed rates of violence by 70% in some areas. Could it work in SA?

Samira Shackle

In many ways, violence is like cholera, passing from person to person and treating it in similar ways is working to reduce it.

How a better death starts long before we're dying

Helena Dolny

When one man was on his deathbed, his family knew how he wanted to die and could respect that.

How readers like you are helping flip the script on illegal abortion providers.

Bhekisisa team

We teamed up with readers and translators to create some of the first graphics ever on abortion in all South Africa's official languages.

Read South Africa's national HIV and TB plan 2017-2022

Bhekisisa team

The strategy aims to, for instance, slash new HIV infections by more than 60%.