Southern Africa

How one project is finally helping reduce the risk of suicide among teens

Jill U. Adams

When kids at risk of suicide can talk to trained friends & family, they're seven times less likely to die, says one of the world's largest studies.

Hospitals close in Mpumalanga as doctors and nurses fear for their safety

Nelisiwe Msomi

Health workers in the province demand security cameras and personal panic buttons at hospitals because of crime and attacks on nurses and doctors.

Could your birth control increase your risk of HIV? Science finally has an answer.

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

But new science doesn't change the fact that women still have too few options when it comes to contraception.

Could an implant the size of a match stick save teenage girls from HIV? Find out.

Mia Malan, Dylan Bush

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan talks to HIV scientist Salim Abdool Karim about his research on risky relationships of young women and older men.

Small town, big ideas: How this rural KZN community cut new HIV infections by 83%

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Eshowe has become one of the first SA communities to put test and treat enough people for to reduce new infections in the area.

How do we reduce new HIV infections by 60% in a mere three and a half years?

Yogan Pillay

Today, SA boasts the world's largest HIV treatment programme, but 3.2-million people who need ARVs still aren't on them. Here’s how to fix that.

Bathabile Dlamini & the case of SA's disappearing rape crisis services

Nelisiwe Msomi

Under Dlamini's time as minister of social development, centres lost funding for counselling services. Now, no one can say what the future holds.

Would you know if the medicine you're taking is fake?

Helen Lock

Armed with blockchain and artificial intelligence, health workers and campaigners are battling the bogus business that kills thousands.

Should health experts be on Twitter? Here's why it can be your own printing press.

Bhekisisa team

Public health officials and journalists are like two peas in a pot — they need each other.

What’s the one thing rape crisis centres in SA & Malawi are missing?

Why the woes facing South Africa’s Thuthuzela Care Centres may not be as unique as we thought.

There's more to gender than 'men' & 'women'. Here's why.

Dylan Bush

Cisgender, transgender, non-binary. What does it all mean? We give you the low down.

Amnesty International Zimbabwe closes amid allegations of fraud

Nyasha Chingono

Police are investigating suspected misconduct involving millions of dollars of funds from donors.

Ageing and the secrets of our genes

Erika Hayasaki

A rare condition has caused this man’s body to age at super speed. Why?

Shot-caller, calculated, master of survival. SA, meet your new health minister.

Will Ramaphosa’s new health minister wield enough power to bring recalcitrant MECs to heel?

How did an otherwise healthy man with a broken leg end up dead in a hospital ceiling?

Nelisiwe Msomi

The bizarre case from Durban is at least the second such case nationally in the last three years.

Pregnant? Not on medical aid? You might be footing the bill to bring home baby

Bhekisisa team

Women may be paying the price for decades’ old concessions to the medical aid industry.

Whatever happened to the doctors & nurses involved in the #LifeEsidimeni tragedy?

Nelisiwe Msomi

These health workers presided over one of the deadliest tragedies since the dawn of democracy. Find out why they can still practice.

'Without waiting periods, medical aids couldn't survive,' Discovery says

Jonathan Broomberg

Would you join a medical aid if you were perfectly healthy? Most won’t. That’s why we need waiting periods, says Discovery CEO Jonathan Broomberg.

Why medical aids are putting the price of a safe delivery on some women’s pockets

Fatima Hassan

When medical schemes and the law count conceiving as a pre-existing condition, pregnant women lose.

How to get South Africans to buy into the next big thing in medicine

Nelisiwe Msomi

These ATMs can decrease the number of patients in clinics but health workers are not helping to achieve that goal.

Forced abortions: The crime no one is talking about

Dylan Bush

Nomthandazo* thought her and her partner were happily expecting their first baby together. She was wrong.

What your doctor is thinking when they say, 'I’m afraid I have some bad news'

Morgan Pantuck

Doctors have turned to scientific studies for guidance on talking with patients, but the results have largely left them guessing.

Cyclone Idai: 'I don't know how my children will survive'

Nyasha Chingono

Why the storm may have conspired with a savage drought to deliver a deadly second blow to Zimbabwe where 70% of people are in dire need of food.

Precarious politicking: What the law says about foreigners and healthcare in SA

Did you know that anyone hailing from SADC has the right to be treated just like a South African?

It's time to get tough on crime... in our maternity wards?

Women – many of them mothers – constitute more than half of the population. What should moms think of before casting their vote?

'This is the first time government has done something concrete for the poor'

Amrit Dhillon

This country tested out a national health insurance. Find out what happened next.

Sex work and soccer: More alike than you think?

Dylan Bush

One in three sex workers in South Africa say they’ve been raped by a police officer. Could a change in the law solve this?

Heroin withdrawals: Could this drug be the answer?

Dylan Bush

Programmes letting people swap illegal highs for medications are popping up all over the country. Here’s how they work.

What happens when you can’t fight climate change? You use what you’ve got to adapt

Emilie Filou

In Kivalo, where cyclones, overfishing and rising seas threaten livelihoods, beekeeping offers an unlikely alternative to fishing.

Smoke, spies and lies: Should you throw away your e-cigarette?

Joan van Dyk

South Africa’s top public health experts sat down to discuss the safety of e-cigarettes. The verdict? Stay away.