SPECIAL REPORT: From deadly denialism to the world's largest HIV treatment programme

#AIDS2016 - It's a wrap: How medical and social solutions come together

As the conference winds down, Mia Malan tells us how medical solutions alone will not help us beat HIV.

​#AIDS2016: Yes, Helen Zille racism and inequality do fuel the spread of HIV

Mia Malan

The Western Cape premier should know that inequality, not just science, lies at the root of the Aids epidemic.

#AIDS2016: Sex workers stuck in a tug of war between science and conservatism

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Is the South African Law Commission's recommendation to sentence convicted sex workers to 'diversion programmes' a latest symptom of a country torn?

#AIDS2016: How a rural community helps each other stay on HIV treatment

Ina Skosana, Mia Malan

An adherence club helped almost all patients stay on their treatment.

#AIDS2016: Medical male circumcision saves millions in lives and costs

Statistics show that voluntary male circumcision is a crucial weapon in the fight to control HIV.

#AIDS2016: Five things African journalists want to know from Bill Gates

Ina Skosana

Bill Gates was at the International Aids Conference this week. He spent time with five African journalists. Here is what they wanted to know.

#AIDS2016: SA pays its HIV bill but faces budget gap for expanded treatment

Ina Skosana, Mia Malan

Research predicts a substantial shortfall in HIV funding in the next five years as the country looks to put millions more people on treatment.

#AIDS2016: Pop-up radio booth gives voice to youth from across Africa

The Children's Radio Foundation has brought youth from Tanzania, Zambia and others to broadcast live on issues that matter to young people.

#AIDS2016: Bill Gates warns HIV among young Africans could reverse progress

Mia Malan

The billionaire philanthropist says we need to focus on curbing infections among teenage girls and young women.

#AIDS2016: Protesters disrupt conference demanding free condoms in schools

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Over a dozen young people have backed a declaration delivered to the health minister calling for free condoms and sanitary pads in school

#AIDS2016: How can HIV self-testing benefit those living in rural areas?

HIV self-testing empowers many in rural areas to know their status without having to travel long distances to get to a clinic.

#AIDS2016: HIV is a social issue and requires a new tack to end the pandemic

Nina Baltes, Michael Thiede

The government needs to spend much more on nonmedical interventions, and that comes down to changing the way people interact.

From medical circumcision to vaccines, these seven things will change HIV

Salim Abdool Karim

We know more than ever about how to prevent HIV infection, including what may someday lead to the world's first HIV vaccine.

#AIDS2016: ​HIV may be a prescribed benefit, but not all medical schemes cover ARVs

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

In theory medical aids fund ARVs, but in practice it's a complex process, say doctors and activists.

#AIDS2016: Children's hospice becomes place of hope in the era of HIV treatment

Mia Malan

ARVs have transformed Cotlands hospice from a place for the dying into a childcare centre where the living thrive.

#AIDS2016: Thousands march to demand sufficient global funding and treatment for all

Ahead of the opening of the AIDS Conference, activists marched to draw attention to the 20 million people who still do not have access to treatment.

​#AIDS2016: When last did you hear South African President Jacob Zuma say, 'HIV'?

Mark Heywood

The country's political commitment to the fight against HIV cannot be judged solely by the accomplishments of a few government departments.

​#AIDS2016: This common germ in your vagina makes it easier to get HIV - study

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

In the vagina's ecosystem, mundane bacteria matter more than you think.

​#AIDS2016: 'Blessers' are the engine behind the rapid spread of HIV in young women

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

'Blessers' form a crucial link in a cycle of HIV transmission that South Africa has not been able to break.

#AIDS2016: Mia Malan tells you what to expect from this year's conference

Bhekisisa's director and editor, Mia Malan, reflects on the last time SA hosted the conference and what to expect from this year's event.

#AIDS2016: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi admits that 'key leaders were in denial'

Aaron Motsoaledi

South African health minister calls AIDS denialism an 'unlucky' moment for a country that has since become a leader in HIV treatment, prevention.

#AIDS2016: Debra Messing on HIV self-testing in Africa and why it's important to her

Television star Debra Messing tells Bhekisisa's Demelza Bush why HIV is close to her heart.

#AIDS2016: Youth will lead the way to an Aids-free generation - Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa

​Education and opportunity are key to stemming the tide of HIV in South Africa's young women.

#AIDS2016: 'Never again must the political meddling of a few derail progress'

Mia Malan

The International Aids Conference returns after 16 years to a very different South Africa, but the battle against HIV is not yet over.

#AIDS2016: Employees, particularly domestic workers, report forced HIV testing

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Coerced testing usually follows employer offers to pay for private medical care.

​#AIDS2016: Five things to watch out for at the International Aids Conference 2016

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The International Aids Conference returns to Durban after 16 years. This year heralds the HIV prevention revolution that is underway.

#AIDS2016: Countdown to the International Aids Conference in Durban begins

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The conference is set to be a historic moment in the HIV response and we'll be bringing you the latest from Durban.

#AIDS2016: New science may put the power to prevent HIV in women's hands

Linda-Gail Bekker

Being able to take a pill discreetly, as women have done with contraceptives since the 1950s, is an HIV prevention revolution.

#AIDS2016: As donor funding falls, SA must come up with a plan to stretch HIV bucks

Robert Hecht

It will cost the country R30-billion a year to treat and prevent HIV by 2020, so the state has to lower costs and be clever with its health spending.

PrEP user talks sex, condoms and HIV

Ben Brown tells Mia Malan about his experience of using a pill that reduces his chances of HIV infection.

'I've taken control of my life by taking the HIV prevention pill'

Mia Malan

A revolutionary antiretroviral prophylaxis is helping all people, no matter their sexual orientation. A cheaper generic will soon be on the shelves.

Twenty things you need to know about how to prevent HIV with a pill

Mia Malan

Need to know more about PrEP? Mia Malan talks to Dr Kevin Rebe to answer your questions.

Why contraception and the HIV prevention pill go hand in hand

If you're a young woman, would you take a two-in-one HIV prevention pill? Mia Malan and Kevin Rebe talk PrEP and contraception.

PrEP: The dos and don'ts of using an HIV prevention pill safely and effectively

Daily PrEP use can lower your risk of getting HIV from sex by about 90%. Kevin Rebe tells Mia Malan how to use PrEP properly.

[PODCAST] Your GP can prescribe a pill that will make you less likely to contract HIV

Truvada is available in SA's private health sector and is in the process of being expanded to the public sector. Mia Malan talks PrEP with Kevin Rebe.

Snub Mbeki like he did Nkosi

Mia Malan

About 35 000 babies could have been born without HIV had the president listened to the boy.

Where tradition meets modern medicine

There has been tension between traditional and modern medicine, but is there space for the two to work together?

Sangomas learn to meld muti with conventional medicine

Ina Skosana

Traditional and Western healers team up to treat patients with HIV and tuberculosis because many people consult more than one health system.

Sangoma: Why I take ARVs

Prudence Mabele, a sangoma and one of the founding members of the TAC, is adamant that ARVs are imperative to the survival of HIV positive people.

Meet the Khayelitsha compliers club

Amy Green

Communities are bringing HIV monitoring and dispensing out of the clinics and into their homes.

Prudence Mabele: "I have seen ARVs save lives"

Ina Skosana

Mabele helped lead the fight for antiretrovirals in SA. A memorial service will be held for her today. This was her last interview with Bhekisisa.

[From our archives] 'I still have sex, even with HIV'

Ina Skosana

Two young people speak out about life, and love, and the very real risk of rejection.

Phindi on dating, sex and being born with HIV

Youth delegate at the world Aids conference Phindile Sithole-Spong talks about reclaiming her sexuality after learning she was born with HIV.