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From symbols of illness to signs of solidarity: The other disease masks could curb

We now have the chance to use our new mask-prowess to curb the spread of TB as well — but only if we consider keeping masks woven into the fabric of our lives after the COVID pandemic has passed.

We must continue our fight against HIV and TB, even during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, and the scientific community continues to gather evidence on the coronavirus, we should not lose sight...

What will the future of COVID-19 testing look like?

Our COVID-19 response can take a leaf out of our HIV strategy book. For a start, to focus on testing people...

[Watch it again] Expect COVID-19 outbreaks after lockdown ends. But here’s why you shouldn’t...

Scientists Quarraisha and Salim Abdool Karim are helping guide South Africa's response to the coronavirus outbreak. Find out what they think is in store for the country in our first webinar with our executive director Mia Malan.
Cuban doctors land

Mkhize: Incoming Cuban doctors should not be seen as a threat to anyone’s job

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize discusses the next phase of the country's response to COVID-19, including the lockdown and technical assistance from Cuba in the form of more than 150 health experts and doctors. Plus, health MECs update the country on the state of provincial responses in this briefing.

South Africa’s investments into health innovation prove important in the COVID-19 response

Recent investments in the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority mean it has now approved four tests for the new coronavirus.

Q&A: Will rapid antibody tests save us?

South Africa needs to test 12 times more people per day for the new coronavirus than it currently does. Our testing...

Will it be enough? Inside South Africa’s plan to ramp up coronavirus testing

The NHLS has only managed to do about 6 000 tests since the first case of the new coronavirus was reported...
Coronavirus screening

Four reasons to be hopeful about South Africa’s coronavirus testing plan

In a grim news cycle, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s announcement yesterday that the country is evaluating rapid tests for the new...

World TB Day: Why SA’s strides against TB can pay off in the fight...

This World TB Day, celebrations are going virtual. But South Africa has reason to celebrate its gains — and...

TB: This pee test could save your life

What if diagnosing South Africa’s deadliest disease was as simple as taking a drug store pregnancy test? That day might be...
Daydreams of a health minister: The high-level meeting on TB this week in New York is in part the work of Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

SA experimental TB vaccine is the first in almost a century to slash new...

Scroll down to read the latest trial results as part of our live blog from the UN's recent high level meeting on TB
Meet Julius. Studies have shown that he can sniff out about 42% more TB cases than the average lab technician can detect with an ordinary microscope.

Angelina Jolie takes on her biggest role — as a TB-sniffing rat

Angelina might just have saved a life. But is there science to prove it?
Solutions: A health technician analyses blood samples for tuberculosis in a high-tech TB lab in Lima

Is ‘all-in-one healthcare’ a dream?

Is getting all you need from one health team far fetched? Actually not. It's one field where the public health system beats the private one.
The United Nations will bring together 192 countries for the fourth high-level meeting on tuberculosis in 2018.

United Nations’ first high-level meeting on TB could usher in a new world order

The global body heeds calls by SA health minister Aaron Motsoaledi for high-level meeting on age-old killer.
Bikers travel to health communities to deliver TB treatment.

Bikers go full throttle to speed up TB cure in Zimbabwe

A programme with the health department sees motorbikes being used to deliver drugs to people in far-flung places who can't afford the fare.