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Heroin withdrawals: Could this drug be the answer?

Five steps in five years. A to-do list to help SA kick its heroin...

South Africa plans to make opioid substitutes such as methadone available at all state clinics and hospitals over the next five years. Methadone helps wean people off drugs such as heroin. Here are the five things the government needs to do to get this right.

‘There’s nothing un-African about being gay’: A mother’s plea for gay children’s right to...

In this moving account, an HIV activist describes her relationship with her gay son and her fears over Uganda’s homophobic bill that criminalises his sexuality.

#HealthBudgetVote: How will provinces spend their money?

Health Minister Joe Phaahla will table his budget for the 2023/2024 financial year on 9 and 10 May. Get everything you need to stay on top of the developments, all in one place.

The anti-HIV injection will be made in SA: Here are 4 benefits of the...

The two-monthly HIV prevention injection, CAB-LA, will be made in South Africa, at the Indian drug company Cipla’s Benoni and Durban plants. But a start date for production hasn’t yet been announced.

Why the cruel treatment of obese people is one of the last great stigmas

The stigma that obese and overweight people face is similar to that seen in the early days of the HIV epidemic, when people used to say that it was someone’s own fault for getting infected, says Francois Venter, an HIV doctor and director of the Ezintsha research centre at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Three health ministers in a row have failed SA’s nurses. Here’s why

The health department got close to updating nurse prescribing rules in 2011, but didn’t follow through. Real change will have to happen soon since South Africa’s new HIV and TB strategy document says professional nurses have to help to prescribe antidepressants for 250 000 people by 2028.

Should you be worried about asymptomatic TB?

More than half of people in South Africa who are already sick with tuberculosis may not realise it because they don’t have any of the symptoms often linked with the disease, such as coughing and weight loss.

You might be getting antidepressants from a professional nurse soon. Here’s why

The health department plans to train professional nurses to prescribe pills for common mental health disorders, according to the final version of South Africa’s new five-year (2023 - 2028) action plan for HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Bad habits: How the government can help you quit smoking — but isn’t

South Africa’s anti-smoking policies rely on increased sin taxes to cut smoking rates in the country. Experts say this is no longer enough, but people who use government facilities have very few other tools available to help them stop.

What ChatGPT won’t tell you about Tlaleng Mofokeng

Get to know sexual and reproductive rights activist and doctor Tlaleng Mofokeng with our reporter Sean Christie.

‘I would lie and listen to my pain’: The multitasking mavericks fighting for a...

Morphine was first introduced to Uganda 30 years ago, but as the burden of cancer increases, thousands of people still lack access to even basic treatment for pain relief.

Job rights, better healthcare and taxes: What life could look like for SA sex...

The justice department is currently reviewing comments from activists, academics and civil society on a proposed new law to decriminalise sex work. They will then ask the cabinet to take it to parliament before it can become law. Mia Malan interviews Deputy Justice Minister, John Jeffery, and United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health, Tlaleng Mofokeng, about what's next for sex workers.

STI home tests could be coming to SA’s free medicine pick-up points

Big changes are coming to South Africa’s fight against sexually transmitted infections, according to a draft of the country’s fifth HIV action plan.

Ozempic: A hashtag & a helpful effect collide & drain global stocks of a...

Medicine shortages are common. But what happens when a shortage of an effective medication happens because people who the medicine isn’t intended for are drying its stocks? We explain here.

‘I punched him on his potatoes’: Meet the grannies fighting back against GBV

Korogocho is one of Nairobi’s most dangerous slums, where rape and robbery are common. Beatrice Nyariara is helping women aged 55 to 90 to fight back.

What’s behind the Big Tobacco job cuts? A guide to SA’s illegal tobacco trade...

British American Tobacco in South Africa says 200 of its workers will be out of a job soon, but public health researchers argue they’re using misleading figures to back the retrenchments.