Hospitals close in Mpumalanga as doctors and nurses fear for their safety

Nelisiwe Msomi

Health workers in the province demand security cameras and personal panic buttons at hospitals because of crime and attacks on nurses and doctors.

Could your birth control increase your risk of HIV? Science finally has an answer.

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

But new science doesn't change the fact that women still have too few options when it comes to contraception.

Could an implant the size of a match stick save teenage girls from HIV? Find out.

Mia Malan, Dylan Bush

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan talks to HIV scientist Salim Abdool Karim about his research on risky relationships of young women and older men.

Small town, big ideas: How this rural KZN community cut new HIV infections by 83%

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Eshowe has become one of the first SA communities to put test and treat enough people for to reduce new infections in the area.

Bathabile Dlamini & the case of SA's disappearing rape crisis services

Nelisiwe Msomi

Under Dlamini's time as minister of social development, centres lost funding for counselling services. Now, no one can say what the future holds.

Amnesty International Zimbabwe closes amid allegations of fraud

Nyasha Chingono

Police are investigating suspected misconduct involving millions of dollars of funds from donors.

Shot-caller, calculated, master of survival. SA, meet your new health minister.

Will Ramaphosa’s new health minister wield enough power to bring recalcitrant MECs to heel?

How did an otherwise healthy man with a broken leg end up dead in a hospital ceiling?

Nelisiwe Msomi

The bizarre case from Durban is at least the second such case nationally in the last three years.

Pregnant? Not on medical aid? You might be footing the bill to bring home baby

Bhekisisa team

Women may be paying the price for decades’ old concessions to the medical aid industry.

Whatever happened to the doctors & nurses involved in the #LifeEsidimeni tragedy?

Nelisiwe Msomi

These health workers presided over one of the deadliest tragedies since the dawn of democracy. Find out why they can still practice.

Smoke, spies and lies: Should you throw away your e-cigarette?

Joan van Dyk

South Africa’s top public health experts sat down to discuss the safety of e-cigarettes. The verdict? Stay away.

Grief is different for everyone

Ellapen Rapiti

Some people need to seek professional help so that they can learn to accept the death of a loved one

Seven things that will make you think twice about the cost of medicine

Joan van Dyk

Life-saving medicines are out of reach for many patients but a World Health Organisation meeting held in Johannesburg this week could change that.

Meet the man behind the search for his child who died on #Bosasa’s watch

Joan van Dyk

When this toddler died at Leratong Hospital, his body disappeared. Here’s what happened when his parents went back there more than a decade later.

How to use a before-and-after-sex pill to protect you from HIV - if you’re a gay man

Dylan Bush, Mia Malan

Men who have sex with men can now take PrEP before and after sex and be protected from HIV. Here's how it works.

Did the Health Professions Council trade cash for qualifications?

Roxy de Villiers

If allegations prove true, it may mean that corruption at the regulator enabled unqualified people to masquerade as doctors and nurses.

Trump expands global gag rule that blocks US aid for abortion groups

Julian Borger

Policy bans aid going to foreign groups that support abortion rights as secretary of state Pompeo says: ‘This is decent and right’

Undercover researchers went into doctors' rooms. You won't believe what they found.

Joan van Dyk

New research may finally tell us why SA is always among the first to sound the alarm over drug-resistant strains.

Did the apartheid government inject black people with HIV? We look to science.

Mia Malan

This month, the New African boasts a shocking headline: "We deliberately spread Aids in South Africa." Could that be true?

Men, the HIV prevention pill just got easier. Get the '2-1-1' on what to know

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Men who have sex with men can now safely use the HIV prevention pill before and after sex, instead of every day.

This president is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to an NHI

Kate Hodal

Mali joins the ranks of countries such as Sierra Leone, South Africa & Burkina Faso to provide free healthcare to moms and tots.

Think criminalising sex work is in the best interest of people? Think again

Mia Malan

In 2003, New Zealand did away with all laws against consensual adult sex work. Activists say South Africa can take a few lessons from it.

Billions lost: Doctors, hospitals and medical aid members collude to commit fraud

Roxy de Villiers

The Special Investigating Unit says it is actively targeting fraudsters in the private healthcare sector.

What to do about South Africa's unemployed doctors

Russell Rensburg

It’s official. Austerity budgets may be here to stay. Here’s how South Africa should be working with what it’s got to provide healthcare.

Sex for vaccines: Violence may mar the rollout of new experimental Ebola jab

Kate Holt, Rebecca Ratcliffe

Women in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo are allegedly being asked for sexual favours in exchange for Ebola treatment.

Five ways to save the world, according to Bill & Melinda Gates

Roxy de Villiers

The philanthropic duo give their two cents or rather $200-million on how to deal with the world's inequalities.

Gauteng health department misses deadline to pay junior doctors

Nelisiwe Msomi

With no money for petrol, many doctors have applied for authorised special leave. But some hospitals have warned there will be consequences.

Why money earmarked to fight Ebola may have financed one man's love life

Rebecca Ratcliffe

The World Health Organization launches an inquiry after claims of ‘legendary’ corruption, including racism and sexism.

Unemployed doctors: Why medical schools face a tough choice

Nelisiwe Msomi

It’s the age of austerity and it’s bad news for doctors, nurses and patients alike — unless the state can do more with less.

How to get the most out of your gym membership

Neil Gibson

Finally, go where you've always feared to tread at the gym with these four tips.