access to medicines

Antibiotic resistance: Three ways to stop the rise of the superbugs

Tim Jinks

We are facing possibly the greatest health threat of our time: drug-resistant infections. But here's why there's hope the world can change course.

​Prioritising an overarching approach to medicines regulatory systems strengthening

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The aim is to improve access to quality, safe and efficacious medical products

​AMRH Partnership Platform – Advancing medicines regulatory outcomes in Africa

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This initiative will harmonise the different interventions for maximum impact

Will the latest TB drug reach South Africa in time?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Activists fear regulatory delays will come too late for many people who need delamanid and will also stall its release in neighbouring countries.

Money can't be the only motive for developing life-saving medicines

Will the world act now to be ready for the next big outbreak?