Who does popular representations of albinism serve?

Zaza Hlalethwa

Artists’ stated motives do not always tie neatly in with the perceptions and feelings of those being portrayed.

Scapegoat for a desperate community

Simone Haysom

In 2012, Rowan du Preez was kidnapped and necklaced, dying later in hospital. Police said his last words implicated a local social justice activist

The killing of people with albinism is driven by myth and international inaction

Charlotte Baker

An upcoming UN meeting on witchcraft and human rights is to focus on the rising attacks on Albinos and the trade of body parts in sub-Saharan African

Waiting to disappear: The danger of being too pale

Bill Snaddon

Ikponwosa Ero went from a child who felt different to the United Nations’ first independent expert on albinism.

The Tanzania Albinism Collective

Simon Allison

“My parents abandoned me, because I look the way I do. They said I’m not their child”