alcohol advertising

Gender bender: Normalising, moralising and a shot of reality

Kiri Rupiah

Peddling booze as the ultimate feminist equaliser is a dangerous marketing ploy

Alcohol industry still calls the shots

Savera Kalideen

Policies protect profits but they fail to address alcohol's harmful effects on society.

Right of reply: 'Subterfuge' letter was misquoted

Neren Rau

Sacci chief executive Neren Rau says several sections of an article about the organisation were misrepresented, biased and erroneous.

Alcohol advertising: Let's have a sober debate

Jesse Harber

Naysayers be damned – we need to do everything we can to stop the abuse of alcohol in South Africa, writes Jesse Harber.

Alcohol ad ban will be bad for sport, MPs told


It will be a sad day for South African sport if it lost critical sponsorships due to government's planned ban on alcohol advertising, MPs have heard.