antiretroviral drugs

Mark Heywood: 'I was pitched against the very government I had fought for'

Activists litigated to force government to give HIV-positive people antiretrovirals. Mia Malan talks to Mark Heywood about the political consequences

Exposed: Southern African trio 'sold expired ARVs' in Europe at a 4 000% markup

Lionel Faull, Thomas Angeli

Life-saving HIV drugs were allegedly diverted from Africa's public health system to sell in Europe.

#AIDS2016: Five things African journalists want to know from Bill Gates

Ina Skosana

Bill Gates was at the International Aids Conference this week. He spent time with five African journalists. Here is what they wanted to know.

#AIDS2016: From medical circumcision to vaccines, these seven things will change HIV

Salim Abdool Karim

We know more than ever about how to prevent HIV infection, including what may someday lead to the world's first HIV vaccine.

Prudence Mabele: "I have seen ARVs save lives"

Ina Skosana

Mabele helped lead the fight for antiretrovirals in SA. A memorial service will be held for her today. This was her last interview with Bhekisisa.