A 10-year investigation finally fingers Southern African ARV thieves

In the late 2000s, a trio of businessmen smuggled expired ARVs from Africa into Europe and sold them at a 4 000% markup. This is why it's news now.

How an international syndicate profited from Southern Africa's HIV epidemics

Lionel Faull takes us inside the investigation that exposed an ARV-smuggling syndicate that have managed to escape South African justice.

#AIDS2016: How a rural community helps each other stay on HIV treatment

Ina Skosana, Mia Malan

An adherence club helped almost all patients stay on their treatment.

#AIDS2016: SA pays its HIV bill but faces budget gap for expanded treatment

Ina Skosana, Mia Malan

Research predicts a substantial shortfall in HIV funding in the next five years as the country looks to put millions more people on treatment.

First ARVs from state-owned pharmaceutical company expected by 2017

News 24

As the world’s biggest consumer of ARVs, South Africa spends billions of rands purchasing the drugs on the international market every year.