Big Tobacco

#Budget2019: How this could have netted the country 17.1-billion — & saved lives

Find out why Mboweni's R1.14 hike won't be enough to cut smoking, save lives or bring in much-needed cash.

Should you believe the latest smoking figures from this tobacco-funded non-profit?

Naphtali Khumalo

Claim: 49% of men and 34.1% of women in South Africa smoke tobacco. Is this true? Africa Check investigates.

Mboweni, take a chance and take back the tax — it’s time to hike tobacco taxes

Savera Kalideen

In his speech, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni reprioritised millions for new health workers and hospital upgrades. Here’s what he needs to do next.

Storm warning for the fossil-fuel industry

Daniel Litvin

How oil and gas companies manage their growing political challenges will be just as important for their valuation as their day-to-day operations