Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Technology can uplift world’s ‘bottom billion’

Mark Suzman

Technology is often oversold as either a panacea for the world’s problems or a curse inflicting disruption and displacement on the most vulnerable

Education reduces issues plaguing poor countries

Homi Kharas, Rebecca Winthrop

To give young people the best chance of success, the two 'bookends' to primary school — early childhood and secondary education — must be sturdy

Experts gather to disrupt continent’s education

​Mala Suriah

The forum hopes to solve some of the problems in education and learning

With genetic tweak, mosquito population made extinct

Marlowe Hood

2016 marked the first time in over two decades that malaria cases did not fall year-on-year

Africa’s women belong at the top

Joyce Banda

'While many girls possess leadership qualities, social, political, and economic barriers stymie their potential,' writes Joyce Banda.