Would you know if the medicine you're taking is fake?

Helen Lock

Armed with blockchain and artificial intelligence, health workers and campaigners are battling the bogus business that kills thousands.

​SAFCOIN launches!

Advertorial Supplement

The crypto-currency will positively impact Africa

​South Africans get first dibs on SAFCOIN, an exclusive African cryptocurrency


For the price of a take-away meal, South Africans can become crpytocurrency investors

What is social innovation, and why does it matter?

Cayleigh Bright

Thinking about how to approach challenges as opportunities is as crucial to social causes as it is to startups and big business

Who’s to blame when driverless cars have an accident?

Raja Jurdak, Salil S. Kanhere

Sensors that monitor everything a self-driving vehicle does can help determine who is responsible in the case of an accident.