Cancer Association of South Africa

Touch-and-go breast tech is no substitute for mammograms

Amy Green, Ina Skosana

SureTouch does not claim to be a substitute for proper breast cancer screening, but patients are being misled.

Comment: Death knell for cancer research

Dr Carl Alrecht

The state has pulled its funding of studies on the disease, retarding progress on a cure.

Prevention still better than cure

Sarah Boseley

The prohibitive cost of cancer medicines and their lack of efficacy means early intervention is more important than ever.

Beating cancer at its own game

Mia Malan

The five steps below could reduce deaths from cancer in South Africa, according to the Cancer Association's head of research, Dr Carl Albrecht.

Cancer stakes its territory

Mia Malan

Mia Malan speaks to Dr Carl Albrecht, head of research at the Cancer Association of South Africa, to gauge the state of the disease locally.

[From our archives] Do's and don'ts for the chef

Mia Malan

Simple precautions can reduce carcinogens in the kitchen and on the food table, writes Mia Malan.