'My mom was too scared to check what was wrong. In the end, doctors removed her womb'

Joan van Dyk

Early screening for cervical cancer can be a lifesaver but are nonprofit organisations enough to fill the gap in KZN's crumbling system?

Mo Bros face the figures - and it's going to be a close shave

Amy Green

Will local facial hair campaigners be able to raise more than last year's R7-million for men's health issues?

Eat yourself healthy: your dose of cancer-busting foods

Mia Malan

A healthy diet has been touted as an easier way to reduce the risk of falling ill from the the various cancers out there.

A life gone up in smoke

Ngoako Matsha

Tobacco is the only legally available product that kills people when it is used entirely as intended.

New look at cancer causes

Staff Reporter

Environmental factors may contribute to about 90% of all cancers. Belinda Beresford reports.