Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital

Possible strike action looms at Charlotte Maxeke hospital

Arielle Schwartz

Hospital workers may down tools on Wednesday after not receiving proper compensation for working extra hours

Search dogs called in to find victims trapped under the rubble

Bhekisisa team

Emergency services say three more people may still be buried in the rubble.

Private sector lags in HIV testing

Amy Green

Government facilities are trumping their larnier colleagues in providing HIV services.

Neonatal ward overcrowded at time of baby deaths

Staff Reporter

The neonatal ward of the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital was overcrowded when six babies died of diarrhoea, the Gauteng health minister said on Wednesday.

Investigation after five babies die at Jo'burg hospital

Staff Reporter

Five babies died of diarrhoea at the Charlotte Maxeke state hospital in Johannesburg on Wednesday, the Gauteng health department said.