climate change

Bedrock of food security destroyed

Sipho Kings

Ecosystem destruction by human activities has reduced plant varieties and other life — and the ability to survive

When climate change & health collide: Will SA's policy have the teeth — or the money?

Garret Barnwell

Previously, the health department dedicated about R180 000 per year to respond to what is arguably the greatest threat humankind has ever faced.

Unembargoed: March 1 — 7

M&G Reporter

South Africa's system failures: Paedophile allowed into the classroom, and SAA pilot flew for 25 years — with no licence

Climate change claims its first mammal extinction

Sipho Kings

Climate change has eaten away at the only known habitat where the rodent had evolved to live

Looking the Brulpadda in the mouth

Janet Solomon

It will be years before the fuel produced there can be used — and it will come at a massive environmental cost