Leaving no one behind: Solutions to vulnerability, inaccessability and condom usage

Dr Shakira Choonara

HIV is no longer in the headlines in South Africa

Ye olde sex shoppe is thriving

Tebogo Tshwane

Pornography and sex paraphernalia sell like hot cakes online, but physical shops are still doing a roaring trade in erotic accoutrements

Japan condom makers hope for 2020 Olympic lift

Harumi Ozawa

Japanese condom makers are ramping up preparations ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Skin to skin: Stealthing is rape

Kagure Mugo

Slipping a condom off during sex without partner's consent is disrespectful and dangerous

Silky strawberry is the best condom fit for South Africans

Pontsho Pilane

After three years of deliberation and research, the South African health department launches flavoured condoms.