'If climate change goes on as is, people will need to be relocated – we need a plan'

Joan van Dyk

Few governments are prepared to care for the people forced to leave their countries as a result of conflict or climate change. Here's why.

The causes of Somalia's conflict and famine are bad governance, not climate change

Hakim Abdi

Famine and conflict can either be prevented, or the impact minimised, if institutions and mechanisms of good governance are in place

CAR bloodbath is worsening

​Doctors Without Borders, AFP

A terrifying escalation in fighting by splinter groups has led to the slaughter of civilians.

​South Sudanese journalists face threats as political violence escalates

Pernille Baerendtsen

Editorial calling for the resignation of the president and vice-president led to journalist’s arrest.

​Rains and conflict will make bids to control South Sudan's cholera outbreak harder

Mugume Davis Rwakaringi

Violence has contributed to the epidemic; aid agencies can't travel freely and are removing nonessential staff.