Could your favourite birth control put you at risk of HIV?

Kristen van Schie

We could be just months away from knowing whether Depo-Provera use is linked to a higher risk of HIV infection in women.

Are strong-armed tactics by Big Pharma behind the country’s birth control shortage?

Pontsho Pilane

An international drug maker may have intentionally muscled out local competition to win the bulk of a national birth control tender.

[LONG READ]: Why do parents abandon their babies?

Thalia Holmes

Women who discard their newborns feel unsupported, often by the very professionals meant to counsel them.

Cruel dilemma: To terminate or not to terminate

Amy Green

The joy of motherhood is killed by a moral and ethical dilemma when doctors advise termination of a pregnancy.

ARV-infused vaginal ring significantly lowers HIV infections

Amy Green

Trials have found that vaginal rings containing an antiretroviral drug could more than halve women's chances of contracting HIV if used consistently.