developing countries

Editorial: Sassa’s misstep is beyond apology


'How far can you fall in the three days that you stood in line, having been forced to borrow money to pay taxi fares to get to a collection point?'

Brics is not all it’s cracked up to be

Patrick Bond

Zuma and his cohorts appear to have little understanding of the true nature of the troubled grouping.

Health financing crisis threatens developing countries, experts say

Magdalena Mis

Researchers predict that in 2040, low-income countries will spend just $0.03 on healthcare for every dollar that high-income countries spend.

Smart policies needed to overcome commodity dependency

Developing countries must introduce policies now to diversify their exports and sustain growth, write Min Zhu, Stefania Fabrizio and Futoshi Narita.

Cop21 will deliver more for developing countries

Channing Arndt

African countries stand a good chance at COP21 of getting their ideas across, while there will also be a better opportunity to access climate finance.