Farmers in war-torn Afghanistan hit by worst drought in decades

Emal Haidary, Hamid Fahim

Afghanistan's 2018 wheat harvest is already expected to be the lowest since at least 2011

Climate becomes major Swedish election issue after wildfires


The Nordic nation, where summer temperatures are usually closer to 23°C, is not equipped to deal with this kind of natural catastrophe

Bold steps are needed toward a ‘new normal’ that allocates water fairly in SA

Mary Galvin

South Africa is a water-scarce country where inequity and a lack of fairness and justice pervades water distribution

Water restrictions remain but no Day Zero for 2019

Ra'eesa Pather

No date has been set for when Cape Town can officially declare itself drought-free

Cape Town: No Day Zero for 2019

Tammy Petersen

The city also announced that its stringent water restrictions are to be maintained