E. coli

Your toilet is cleaner than the kitchen - health study

Phyllis Mbanje

A new study has found that your kitchen counter is more likely to be contaminated by disease-causing bacteria than the handle of your toilet.

Russia bans Egyptian seeds linked to E. coli outbreak

Staff Reporter

Russia banned has certain Egyptian seeds including fenugreek, after they were linked them to the deadly E. coli outbreaks in Germany and France.

Germany's E. coli accusations sprout producer outrage

Peter Walker, Adam Gabbatt

The EU's health commissioner has criticised Germany for rushing out "premature conclusions" about the source of a mass E. coli outbreak.

German officials see no E. coli fault at organic farm

Brian Rohan

German officials say they don't expect to take legal action against the farm for causing an E. coli outbreak that has killed at least 31 people.

E. coli: It's the sprouts, says Germany

Staff Reporter

New data shows that bean sprouts are the most likely source of the outbreak of E. coli that has killed 30 people so far, Germany said on Friday.