Eastern Cape

Many memories make history

Dinika Govender

The lived experience of each generation and every person expands on the official version

How the UN’s new strategy could help development goals in the Eastern Cape

Ra'eesa Pather

In 2015, countries committed to the UN's sustainable development goals in an effort to end, for example, poverty, hunger and inequality

Pupils at four Eastern Cape schools get ticket to ride

Bongekile Macupe

​The Eastern Cape department of education has agreed to provide transport to pupils who are walking 10km or more to school

Residents go to court for dissolution of ANC-led Makana Municipality

Ra'eesa Pather

The Unemployed People’s Movement has filed an application for a re-election to take place in the troubled ANC-led municipality

As rivers run dry, Day Zero strikes Eastern Cape’s villages

Ra'eesa Pather

Severe drought and a struggling municipality means some people drink from muddy puddles