DRC’s Ebola outbreak has all the makings of a humanitarian crisis

Jacqueline Weyer

The current Ebola outbreak in the DRC is devastating vulnerable communities already affected by displacement and violence

Vaccines alone won’t beat Ebola

Simon Allison

It doesn’t matter how effective the medicine is if affected communities don’t trust the people who administer it

Ebola outbreak spreads to new city in conflict-hit Congo

Deutsche Welle

Home to nearly one million people, Bunia is the latest Congolese city to report an Ebola infection

MSF: Ebola response in DR Congo 'failing' to contain outbreak


The ongoing Ebola outbreak is the 10th in the country's history and the second largest ever recorded worldwide.

Why there’s a case for giving foreign aid to authoritarian regimes

Nic Cheeseman

Aid has never been just about helping people. It's also about gaining influence and exercising soft power