Ebola drug

Sex for vaccines: Violence may mar the rollout of new experimental Ebola jab

Kate Holt, Rebecca Ratcliffe

Women in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo are allegedly being asked for sexual favours in exchange for Ebola treatment.

DRC Ebola response hampered by conflict

Kiri Rupiah

The number of suspected Ebola cases in eastern DRC has risen to 73 as ongoing conflicts in the region stymie containment efforts

Congo to start Ebola vaccinations amid new outbreak

Deutsche Welle

Health officials say they will begin administering an experimental vaccine following an Ebola outbreak last week

DRC beats Ebola outbreak

Martha Bosuandole

Lessons learnt in the 2013-2015 epidemic in West Africa helped limit the highly contagious disease

World Health Organisation worried as Ebola emerges in urban area

Arielle Schwartz

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is optimistic the health organisation — along with its partners — will be able to beat the virus