In Mozambique, classes come alive in local languages

Eva Sofie Fritzbøger

Almost all teaching in Mozambique is in Portuguese but the majority of Mozambicans speak one of more than 40 local languages

Let’s get physical

Michael Mthethwa

It is about time schools promoted activity to battle the creeping effects of tech-focused lifestyles

Slice of Life: The gift that keeps on giving

Mashadi Kekana

'It’s very important to me to introduce opportunities into my community that people don’t know how to access'

SANRAL: 20 years of service

Leigh Wils

Through bursaries, scholarships and working with SMMEs, the roads agency is building a South Africa Mandela would be proud of

Edtech needs to bridge the divide

Robin Miller, Diptesh Soni

Problems such as cost and inadequate teacher support reduce its availability to all schools