104-year-old scientist ends his life at Swiss clinic

Gemma Ritchie

David Goodall, a renowned Australian scientist, travelled to Switzerland to end his own life

Supreme Court of Appeals overturns ruling allowing "assisted dying"

Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo

In 2015, the High Court granted a terminally ill man, Robin Stransham-Ford, the right to die with dignity by way of euthanasia.

​It’s time to revisit the right to assisted suicide and euthanasia

Neil Kirby

There is certain utility in having a living will but it remains legally inert, writes Neil Kirby.

Editorial: Matter of life and death


The Constitutional Court must indeed rule on the matter of doctor-assisted dying, if only because of the need for a national rule.

Death and the high cost of living

Jacques Rousseau

Our health minister's ideas on euthanasia have no place in a secular country like ours.