extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis

Two drugs could be the key to quicker TB cures

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Patients were no longer infectious after just two months of treatment — faster than almost all drugs ever recorded.

Can drug-resistant TB get cured?

Only half of people with multidrug resistant TB are cured, and patients run a high risk of losing their hearing due to the drugs.

Comment: Government tackles TB in prisons

Dr Yogan Pillay, Maria Mabena

Initiatives in the past four years have greatly increased inmates’ access to healthcare.

Medics suffer high exposure to TB

Mia Malan

Tuberculosis has affected health workers and it is contributing to the medical brain drain. Mia Malan examines the disease's impact.

Mining drives spread of TB in Africa, says new report

Staff Reporter

Mining operations in Africa could be driving the whole continent's tuberculosis epidemic, a new Oxford-led study has found.