fake news

Our appetite for fake news is a global threat to health

Junaid Nabi

The next battle for global health is likely to be fought on the internet

Fake news: Censorship’s no solution

The public, not private companies or governments, should limit dangerous digital deception

The rise of anti-vaxxer bots: Fake news is going viral — & it’s bad for our health

Junaid Nabi

How do you outrun a lie when science shows misinformation spreads faster than fact?

WhatsApp claiming reporter was axed over Bosasa article dismissed as ‘fake news’

Sarah Smit

The WhatsApp message began to do the rounds in the wake of former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi’s testimony before the Zondo commission

Study sheds light on scourge of 'fake' news in Africa

Herman Wasserman

Disinformation in Africa often takes the form of extreme speech inciting violence and spreading racist, misogynous, xenophobic messages