family planning

The Arab world's silent reproductive revolution


Changing household structures, economic growth and contraceptives prompt dramatic drop in fertility rate, study finds

Did Trump just sentence 10,000 Nigerian women to death?

Ruth Maclean

Nearly 2 million unwanted pregnancies and thousands of deaths would have been prevented had Trump not pulled funding for reproductive health.

In rural Kenya, camel clinics bring much needed care to those who need it

Lionel Faull

Healthcare for Kenya's semi-nomadic communities comes in an unlikely form of camels, who carry medicine to the country's most remote villages.

Tanzania: 22.8% of teen girls are mothers

Mkama Mwijarubi

Many children between the ages of nine and 12 have had sex. The average woman has about five children.

Myths and misconceptions stop African men from going for a vasectomy

Family planning is often considered to be a woman's responsibility, but men need access to family planning services too.