Black students ‘undervalued’ at UCT

Bongekile Macupe

A report compiled by the UCT curriculum change working group shows that coloniality remains a problem at the university

Students who sacrificed for #FeesMustFall deserve recognition

Caroline Hlekiso

As much as we celebrate the youth of 1976, we also need to celebrate the #FeesMustFall generation

Burning varsities: Responding to fire

Mokubung Nkomo

As by Fire’s hard look at the recent violence on campuses presents dire warnings and hope

Eight years for striking one match

Bongekile Macupe

A student arrested during the #FeesMustFall protest in 2016 is fighting his ‘harsh’ sentence

No tidy truths in the post-colony

Mark Paterson

Recent debate exposes both student activists’ and academics’ blind spots on decolonisation