​Women of the Maasai fight back for their daughters

Emanuela Zuccalà

Girls as young as 10 feel the blade but an extraordinary group is fighting against female genital mutilation (FGM).

​Uncut, unwed and cast out, but a better life awaited

Emanuela Zuccalà

In rural Kenya, a group of strong-willed women is giving traumatised young runaways a second chance at life.

Uncut: Female genital mutilation in Somaliland

Women in Somaliland speak out about their experiences of female genital mutilation. One NGO that is working to eliminate this horrific practice.

Female genital mutilation: Hope blooms in Somaliland

Emanuela Zuccalà

Women in Somaliland are working together with an NGO to eliminate one of the most ancient and extreme practices of female genital mutilation.

Female genital mutilation: a costly, organised crime against women and girls

Hilary Burrage

Hilary Burrage explains how often women are left with the worst of choices in the world's poorest communities.