foreign aid

Guaido ramps up pressure after deadly Venezuela border clashes

Humanitarian aid, much of it from the United States, has become the centrepiece of the standoff between Maduro and Guaido

Africa needs to realise its philanthropic potential

Carl Manlan

Although the dearth of global funding could be viewed as a tragedy, it represents a tremendous opportunity

Venezuela opposition prepares protest, presses for aid to be let in

Maria Isabel Sanchez

Opposition leader and self declared president Juan Guaido will lead a rally in Caracas but demonstrations have been called all over the country

Zambian economy on slippery slope

Nicole Beardsworth

In the face of spiralling debt, the Patriotic Front will struggle to take the next election

The great riddance

Achille Mbembe

Security now matters more than freedom in the increased 'bordernisation' of Europe which renders those seeking refuge subhuman and vulnerable