Netflix gets its game on at E3 with 'Stranger Things'

Glen Chapman

The streaming television powerhouse is looking to expand its original shows into other media

South African team wins international gaming award

Aaisha Dadi Patel

Bahiyya Khan and her team — Claire Meekel, Abi Meekel, and Tim Flusk — won the award for their work on ‘after HOURS’

Berlin gaming house the stuff of Legends

David Courbet

eSports teams have descended on the city for an event that tests much more than the players’ skills

Gaming medicine: Virtual reality is bringing real-time relief for chronic pain

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Virtual reality isn’t just for video games anymore. It’s revolutionising medicine, including the way we manage pain.

In praise of the beautiful e-game

Luke Feltham

Virtual football is putting more South Africans into the boots of their on-field heroes