gender stereotyping

Should you really be talking to your 10-year-old child about sex?

Pontsho Pilane

By the age of 10, children’s ideas about gender, relationships and violence are largely set in stone.

All bets are off when it comes to gender and maths

Prega Govender

The age-old pitting of girls and boys against each other may need to be rethought because research shows it’s more than a battle of the sexes.

Choosing a man's life in patriarchal Albania: the freedom of the sworn virgins

According to ancient rules, a woman in Albania was to have a life of subservience, hard domestic labour and total lack of control.

I can be both goddess and pot stirrer

Pontsho Pilane

And there it was: the assumption that I cannot cook simply because I choose to dress up and wear make-up regularly.

Black women watch cricket too

Fungai Machirori

Who says members of the fair sex can’t be genuine fans of so-called male sports?