gender violence

Rhodes must stop treating rapists like victims

Philip Machanick

The university senate is fighting over the limited execution of a limited sexual violence strategy

Rhodes rages after suicide

Sarah Smit

Has the university, rocked by protests in 2016, done enough to address gender violence?

Shutting down the blaming of women for rape

Ra'eesa Pather

On Wednesday, women and gender non-conforming activists marched to mark the start of Women’s Month in South Africa and to say ‘enough is enough’

One in three sex workers surveyed report being sexually abused by police

Pontsho Pilane

Sex workers tell of being tortured, including being beaten with sjamboks.

South Africa’s killer men, smiling and unfazed

Arielle Schwartz

When a man is convicted of assaulting or murdering a woman, would you expect them to smile, laugh or make peace signs?